In 2014, ATL Partners was formed to make private equity and certain preferred securities or debt investments in the aerospace, transportation and logistics (ATL) sectors principally in North America. ATL has a minimum equity investment requirement of $75 million and a target equity investment range of $150 million to $750 million through co-investment arrangements with its limited partners. ATL's investment professionals and the members of its Executive Board believe these sectors will continue to benefit from the impacts of increased globalization on the demand for cargo transport, the continuing evolution of complex supply chain requirements most efficiently met by sophisticated logistics providers, and the growth of GDP per capita in emerging markets that is driving demand for air travel and for imported goods at rates that exceed the growth in GDP in those markets.

ATL investment professionals and the members of its Executive Board, all of whom are accomplished senior executives in ATL's focus sectors, have been investing in these sectors for decades and are well positioned to partner with management teams to drive value creation by identifying and implementing innovative growth initiatives.

Video: ATL Partners Introduction Video: 25 August 2020, T&L Webinar - COVID-19 Impact on E-Commerce and Last Mile Delivery