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ATL incorporates environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) considerations in its investments and business decisions which is essential to creating value for its partners.

Partnership with Vaughn College

ATL has engaged in a partnership with Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, located in Queens, New York. Vaughn, which is home to 1,600 students from diverse backgrounds, has a demonstrated track record of helping students move into lucrative and successful careers in aerospace.

In an effort led by Lauren DiBartolomeo, ATL investment professionals also make their expertise available to Vaughn College. At Vaughn, more than 90% of students receive financial aid. ATL pledges an annual gift to provide support in three ways: the ATL Scholarship Fund, the Student Experience Fund, and the Speaker Series. Through these channels, ATL is able to offer tuition funding, send students to industry conferences such as those focused on airports, supply chain and logistics, business aviation, cargo-focused and more, as well as support the initiative to host industry professionals on campus to meet and network with students.

Community, Impact, and Long-Term Value

ATL offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from its domestic and international travel and requires senior executives of our portfolio companies to do so as well.


From diligence through exit, our approach has always been to focus on sustainable, long-term value-creation. Our ESG policy is modeled on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (“UN PRI”). ATL Partners is a signatory to the UN PRI.


We believe in open dialogue, clear communication with our constituents and working together.


We believe responsibility starts on the home front. ATL focuses on carbon output and works with our companies to do the same.


We are proud of the accomplishments each of our companies have made in ESG and we believe we can effect change in a partnership with us. ATL requires each company to report on ESG metrics quarterly, and to publish an Annual ESG Report.

Policies and Reporting

ATL Partners

ATL Annual ESG Report
ATL ESG Officer UN PRI Certifications
ATL Carbon Offset Report

Portfolio Companies

All Portfolio Companies Carbon Offset Reports
Arrive Logistics Annual ESG Report
LightRidge Annual ESG Report
GCL Annual ESG Report
Pilot Freight Services Annual ESG Report
Valence ST Annual ESG Report
Note: ATL seeks to incorporate ESG into its investment process and firm operations, there is no guarantee that ATL's ESG strategy will be successfully implemented or will have a positive impact. The description of ESG integration herein is provided to illustrate ATL’s intended approach to investing and firm operations, however there is no guarantee that this process will produce the intended results.