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Apr 10, 2020

Pilot Delivers Critical Medical Supplies to New York Region

GLEN MILLS, PA – April 10, 2020 – Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services, is delivering critical medical supplies and equipment ranging from surgical masks to life-saving ventilators across the country utilizing client-focused creative solutions. In this uncertain time, Pilot has been a reliable supply chain partner for clients that require innovative solutions to move freight both domestically and globally.

Pilot’s Piscataway, NJ logistics facility created “clean rooms” within the station for medical engineers and technicians to inspect, clean, test and validate patient monitoring equipment. Existing delivery protocols were adapted to meet rigorous safety standards to protect Pilot employees, client employees and hospital staff. Within 24-hours from arrival, the medical equipment is cleaned, tested and repacked for delivery to hospitals in New York City that are in need. This solution, with safety as the top priority, has been designed so it can be replicated as needed in Pilot stations around the country.

As hospitals struggle to increase patient and bed capacity, Pilot leveraged its vast ground network resources to move hundreds of cots to equip a New York City field hospital. To expedite the shipment, Pilot, at the request of the hospital leadership team, pivoted and delivered the cots to the CEO’s home to comply with safety protocols intended to keep drivers and delivery teams away from secure areas designated for medical personnel only.

“In this rapidly changing environment, Pilot is committed to rising to the challenge of providing critical logistics and supply chain support,” said John Hill, president, and chief commercial officer of Pilot Freight Services. “I am very proud of our drivers and field team for their hard work and ability to create solutions quickly in these crucial moments.”

Pilot continues to work with global partners in Asia to move critical healthcare supplies such as hand sanitizer and medical masks to the United States. With Pilot’s extensive network of air transportation, international field teams are working non-stop to ship medical supplies where they are needed most.