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May 24, 2021

Rock-it Cargo and Sela Sport Company Team up in Global Partnership

The new agreement creates a one-stop-shop for entertainment, sports, and culture customers in the growing live event market in Saudi Arabia and globally.

Los Angeles, USA, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Monday 24th May 2021: Event logistics specialists Los Angeles-headquartered Rock-it Cargo (Rock-it) and Jeddah-headquartered Sela Sport Company (Sela) have teamed up to form a global partnership supporting the growing sports and entertainment market in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

The partnership brings together a combined experience of over seven decades in the entertainment touring, corporate live event, sport, television and film, and exhibition industries.

Under the partnership, which kicks off this month, Rock-it will act as Sela’s global freight forwarding and logistics provider in all countries outside of Saudi Arabia, with Sela acting as the logistics provider to Rock-it within Saudi Arabia.

“Rock-it now has a partner that is unrivalled in its live event experience across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sela now has a global partner with an extended network across five continents,” said Paul Martins, Chief Executive Officer and President, Rock-it.

“Both companies are already well-established market leaders in delivering time-sensitive logistics solutions for live sporting and entertainment events, industrial projects, and much more.

“This new global partnership provides us with a strong opportunity to further grow our business and broaden our service offering for customers.”

Rock-it Cargo is a specialty freight forwarding and logistics company that provides custom solutions for the live entertainment and music touring industries, fine arts, sports and broadcasting, corporate events, industrial power projects, and humanitarian relief markets.

Sela provides services in event and project management, event marketing and commercial partnerships, having delivered experiences to a total audience of over 20 million in 28 countries.

“Sela is going to raise the bar once more in the event management sector in Saudi with our partnership with Rock-it,” said Loai Kamakhi, General Manager of Business Solutions, Sela.

Rock-it will act as Sela’s single provider to handle the global logistics of freight movement to Saudi Arabia for Sela’s ever-growing list of shows and events.